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If you've stumbled onto this page looking for information on how to buy my debut novel, Superficial Intelligence, you're in luck because you only have one option: Amazon. (Apologies if you have a firm no Amazon policy. I had no other choice.) I'm also going to put some other links if you want to check out the Good Reads page, leave a review, or check out some of my other things. This was my first novel, but assuming I summon enough energy to start working on the next idea, there will be another. So with that said: subscribe here, or Amazon, or Twitter, or sign up for my messenger pigeon pen pal program.


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Updated: Jul 2

Hey everyone,

I am excited to announce my new book Superficial Intelligence is up on Amazon now and will be officially published 7/18.

The Kindle is available for pre-order, but the paperback will only be available on the publishing date (7/18). I will be spamming all platforms on that day trying to get everyone to purchase the book. How Amazon works, they rank your book based on daily sales. So if you have already decided you are going to read the book (because either you find me irresistibly entertaining or you hate me and you want to make fun of my crappy book), I encourage you to pre-order or buy it day-of.

If you not sure if you want to read it, I'll I gotta say is: come on, just read it. Also, not sure if this is encouragement or a deterrent, but the more books I can sell, the more likely I will be to write another one.

Oh, yeah. Just a quick note about the importance of rating and reviewing, Amazon algorithms, and all that good stuff. It's important. So be sure to rate and review on day 1 (Am I encouraging you to blindly rate and review? Yes.) (Review here day-of). If you ask nicely (or at all) I can probably send you an advanced digital copy.

Thanks all.