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Book Links and Other Sentences

If you've stumbled onto this page looking for information on how to buy my debut novel, Superficial Intelligence, you're in luck because you only have one option: Amazon. (Apologies if you have a firm no Amazon policy. I had no other choice.) I'm also going to put some other links if you want to check out the Good Reads page, leave a review, or check out some of my other things. This was my first novel, but assuming I summon enough energy to start working on the next idea, there will be another. So with that said: subscribe here, or Amazon, or Twitter, or sign up for my messenger pigeon pen pal program.


Amazon (link)

Amazon review page (link)

Good Reads (link)

Collection of other works (link)

Contact me to tell me a secret or something (link to the contact me page)

Here is a black and picture of me trying to look smart, mysterious and sexy (link)

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