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My First Post

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Recently I made some life-altering changes and discoveries. A month ago, I got married; three weeks ago I quit my job as an engineer and moved from Southern California to Northern California; 2 week ago I discovered I can wear sweatpants for 3 days straight and nobody will say anything as long as I shower.

All of those are varying to degrees of life-altering. But all together they mean that my life is much different than it was a month ago and with that comes all new anxieties and stresses. For example, before I was worried that I would always be stuck in a job I hated and never get to pursue my passion for comedy and storytelling. Now I’m stressed about not making money and that I suck as a writer.

All this to say: I want a place to put my words down even if nobody wants to read them. So this blog will be an outlet for me to share with people my journey, share with people my work, and force myself to write. Because the hardest part about deciding you're going to dedicate most of your time to writing is actually writing.

What will be included in the blog? Short comedy pieces, random thoughts, the secret to eternal life? I’m not 100% sure how much or what I’ll be sharing. So, we’ll see.

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Paula Marckesano-Jones
Paula Marckesano-Jones
Dec 07, 2019

Thanks for sharing. It's too easy to remain silent.

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