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What I'm working on

One of the first questions I get when I tell people I am a writer is logically, "What kind of things do you write?"

The answer varies from day-to-day. But generally, the answer is everything from TV pilots to books. Anything as an avenue to tell jokes. But having a blog that no one reads really allows me the opportunity to expand on that.

Since I decided to dedicate a little bit more of my time to making this a career, I set a few goals. One of those being to get something published (ideally = my novel, realistically = a short humor/satire piece). So, lately, I've been writing short satirical humor pieces and submitting them to websites that occasionally post them on their sites and more often send very polite rejection emails.

Success! I recently had one of my pieces published. ( It doesn't change anything, but it was nice to achieve one of my goals. The whole process is a bit subjective, and someone told me it never tends to be your favorite or best work that they choose. But hey take what you can get. Inevitably, I've accumulated a few unpublished articles that need a home and I will be posting them here. They are generally something I think up one day and spend a few hours writing with very little time coming in the editing process. They are supposed to be one-off, fun ideas not meant to be any type of window into my psyche.

So to answer the question posed in the title: I've been alternating between these short pieces, random short story ideas, scripts for TV pilots, and edits to by book.

In my next post I'll probably dive deeper into my manuscript and what I'm trying to do with it or maybe I'll have given up my dream of writing by then. And in that case, there will be no follow up post.

Good day.

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Paula Marckesano-Jones
Paula Marckesano-Jones
Dec 19, 2019

Get those affirmations ready! We are not made to give up on our dreams or even casually mention it. They sometimes take a walk...often with babies, employment, etc., but you are meant to deliver humor. Love you!

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